[Tutor] Creating Standalone Executables

Rizauddin Saian kepalapening at gmail.com
Fri Mar 28 01:47:46 CET 2008

Just put an extra raw_input() at the end of the python script. It will wait 
for your input, instead of closing the command prompt.

BTW, easygui (http://www.ferg.org/easygui/) is a very simple gui.

If you use wxPython, you can use wxGlade as the gui editor.

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From: "Artur Sousa" <tucalipe at gmail.com>
To: tutor at python.org
Date: Thu, 27 Mar 2008 15:34:02 -0300
Subject: [Tutor] Creating Standalone Executables

Hi. Is there a way to create a user friendly, with a simple GUI, *.py 
The packages I've been trying create executables for doscmd that doesn't wait 
for the user to input the required values.
Let me explain: What I'm trying to publish is one single script with various 
subscripts defined by functions, so I would end with one single py file, 
and when the user opens it, it has to enter a command to acess one of its 
However, The doscmd version of python doesn't waits for the users' response, 
it just terminates the script.
So, I'd like some information on how to create a simple executable that 
allows the user to choose the subscripts he/she wants to run. It doesn't 
really need to have a GUI, but something rather than doscmd, if possible...
Thanks in advance.

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