[Tutor] Saving an Image in a Given Format

Wayne Watson sierra_mtnview at sbcglobal.net
Sun Mar 30 04:15:01 CEST 2008

I see that I misunderstood the syntax of Python for:


current_image is a "pointer" whose type is some class, so convert() and 
save() must be methods in that class. The question is what class/module? 

Wayne Watson wrote:
> I'm pretty new to Python and libraries. I'm actually trying to modify 
> some code someone else wrote. There are two ways images are saved. One 
> is for the user to select a "Save as GIF" menu item, or save as tiff, or 
> others. The other way is that the user wants a collected image from a 
> camera saved every, say, 10 minutes. The "save" process is different for 
> some reason. Here are the two code segments involved (NOTE my comments 
> and questions below B.):
> A. Save every 10 minutes
>         t = time.localtime(now_time)
>         s = "a%4d%02d%02d_%02d%02d%02d.tif" % (  
>             t.tm_year, t.tm_mon, t.tm_mday,
>             t.tm_hour, t.tm_min, t.tm_sec )
>         s = os.path.join("Exposures",s)   <========== auto-exposures
>         if not os.path.exists("Exposures"):
>             os.mkdir("Exposures")
>         self.current_image.save(s)  <============ save image
>         if self.trigger_mode:
>             self.Trigger()
>             self.CheckEvent()
> contrast this with where the user specifically wants the image he sees 
> saved as a gif:
> B. From menu option
> def SaveGIF(self):
>         if self.current_path:
>             default_path = splitext(basename(self.current_path))[0] + 
> ".gif"
>             path = asksaveasfilename(defaultextension=".gif",
>                                      title="Save as GIF",
>                                      initialfile=default_path,
>                                      filetypes=GIF_FILE_TYPES)
>         else:
>             path = asksaveasfilename(defaultextension=".gif",
>                                      title="Save as GIF",
>                                      filetypes=GIF_FILE_TYPES)
>         if not path:
>             return
>         gif = self.current_image.convert("RGB")
>         gif.save(path) <===========Save as gif.
> The programmer told me if I change the tif in A. to gif, jpg or 
> whatever, it would work. Instead I get a file the of zero length when I 
> use jpg. Can anyone explain why this wouldn't work? I see that 
> current_image.convert is involved in one place and current_image.save in 
> the first. What module owns these "current" methods?
> Hmmm, maybe I needed to use jpeg?

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