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otu at iptech-ghana.com otu at iptech-ghana.com
Sat Nov 1 12:17:06 CET 2008

Dear Friends,
I have just started learning python programming. I have no previous
programming knowledge.
I am presently using Python 2.6 windows version.
I am struggling with how to enable executable files. I copied the ff
program on idlle non-interactice and run it.

the_world_is_flat =1
if the_world_is_flat:
	print"Be careful not to fall off"

The result came out on the interactive window. I saved this as
"example.py" on the desktop. The python icon appears on the the desktop
alright.  When I attempt to run it by double clicking the icon, only a
black DOS window flashes.  I know I am doing something seriously wrong.
What is it?

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