[Tutor] please help with sqlite replace function

Alan Gauld alan.gauld at btinternet.com
Fri Nov 7 10:19:20 CET 2008

"aivars" <aivars868 at gmail.com> wrote

> Yes it seems you are right. The ActiveState python version I have
> installed have sqlite 2.3.2 only. I find it strange.

Why? SQLite is a separate product. Python bundled the then
current version in its standard distribution, but time has moved on.
You have apparently installed a more recent version of SQLite.

> I see that on a python website there is is a new version Python26

2.6 may or may not have the same version as you but regardless
you should be able to get the older version of Python to work
with the newer SQLite instal;l, provided the newer version has
a Python library available - which it usually has.

> Mark Hammonds PythonWin to get other things for windows? Or maybe I
> will reinstall ActiveState Python25 and install Python25 from the
> official website

I don't thing the vanilla Python will make any difference. SQLite is
bundled with Python not with ActiveState.

> Copying dll to c:\python25\DLLs directory did not help - it still
> shows version sqlite version 2.3.2. which I also do not understand 
> why

I think you might need to install more than the DLL. Check
the SQLite web site for a new Ptython interface and install
that version.

Alan G. 

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