[Tutor] gnuplot from a python gui

dwbarne at earthlink.net dwbarne at earthlink.net
Sat Nov 8 01:09:00 CET 2008

Hello tutors,

I'm trying to generate a plot using gnuplot from within a python gui. In Windows, if after the plot is drawn I use a raw_input string demanding a 'RETURN' be hit, the plot will persist on the screen until the 'RETURN' is pressed. In  *nix, one can use the 'persist' switch to easily and much more elegantly accomplish the same.

My question is, is there a better way IN WINDOWS to keep the plot on the screen rather than having to leave the gui and find the console window in which a 'RETURN' must be pressed to continue? My gui will not 'quit' until I enter the 'RETURN' in the console window. Kind of a chintzy way to end the gui, really.

There must be a better way than using raw_input???

Daniel B.

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