[Tutor] Documentation on how to run complete R scripts from Python interpreter

Judith Flores juryef at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 12 23:34:03 CET 2008


   I am very new to Python and I have long R scripts that I would like to run under the Python Interpreter. The reason for this is because I will try to construct a GUI using 'easygui' in Python. I read some of the the documentation regarding the RPy module, but it implies to add a 'r' at the beginning of every R function, plus the dot to underscore conversion in the names of the R functions. Or maybe, what I am intending to do is not possible? I originally built a GUI using Rtcltk, but easygui honors its name, and I need to add some text manipulation also, which is much more intuitive to do in Python than R.

This is a diagram of what I would like to do:

GUI constructed with "easygui" --> this will retrieve pathfiles and user's preferences (floating numbers and strings) --> The preceeding attributes will feed the R scripts-->R scripts will generate pdf files with plots.

All this within the Python Interpreter, although I am suspecting that like the name indicates, this is only a 'Python' interpreter, nothing else...

   If you could orient me to where I can find documentation on what I would like to do, I would appreciate it very much.

Thank you,



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