[Tutor] experience/opinions with deploying python GUI app to Linux, Win32, and Mac OS X

spir denis.spir at free.fr
Thu Nov 13 14:13:00 CET 2008

You may have a look at easygui. Probably not for final release, rather for 
design stage. It's based on tkinter I guess. I found it very helpful as long as 
the app does not require sophisticated widgets and there is a proper separation 
of process and UI. Once everything works, it is fast enough to port the UI to 
any other GUI package, if needed.

Alan Gauld a écrit :
> "greg whittier" <greg at thewhittiers.com> wrote
>> Deploying to the Mac seems to be the most difficult from what I've read.
> That's probably true in that for a truly native experience you
> need to pay a lot of attention to Apple's guidelines and use
> some kind of tool to produce the correct bundle of files etc.
>> - tkinter -- this is the obvious answer I suppose, but the widget set is
>> limited and not pretty (out of the box at least)
>> - pygtk -- not easy to deploy on mac?  Non-native looking widgets
> Neither is "pretty" IMHO. Tkinter is easy to deploy though.
>> - wxpython - complete widget set and native looking, but not sure if it's
>> easy to deploy
> I'm not aware of any deployment issues beyond getting
> all the right files installed.
>> - jython/SWT -- I have no experience with this, but everybody has a 
>> JVM, so
>> deploying should be easy
> Of the client GUI options this is probably the easiest, but
> also probably the hardest to use.
>> - web app running locally -- no experience with this, but everybody has a
>> web browser and there are frameworks like django I could use
> This could work but has the disadvantage of being limited
> in functionality compared to other GUIIs. It will not look like
> a native GUI app it will look like a web site. For your project
> it is almost certainly adequate however and fairly easy to
> deploy. It is almost certainly the most portable in look.
> It also has the advantage of being most resource hungry
> on the client machine - a web server plus your app plus
> a browser.
>> - curses -- probably not as pretty as mac/windows users would expect
> curses on Windows is a big risk, none of the DOS ports of
> curses that I've found have been complete or totally reliable.
> Personally, for cross platform I'd tend to go for wxPython.
> Users get the look n feel they expect and the functionality is rich.
> Deployment is no more difficult that Tkinter/Gtk, Qt or
> any other GUI framework so far as I know.
> But this is based on very limited real experience. I use
> all 3 platforms but porting a personal app for own use
> is very different to building something for real-world
> deployment!
> HTH,

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