[Tutor] import data (txt/csv) into list/array and manipulation

trias t.gkikopoulos at dundee.ac.uk
Thu Nov 13 15:50:20 CET 2008

Hi again,
I got a bit better in python the last few days, but looking at some codes it
almost looks impossible to catch up. but definitely want to fight it, looks
well worth the effort, plus it probably works exponentially :)

 I read a little bit about the interval/segment trees, and it looks that
their efficiency lies in the efficiency of the algorithms associated with
the lookup/indexing modules.

 Now although I am too newbie to be able to implement the code from the
bx-python guys (quicksect.py)
understand some basics, disecting a list of objects str,int(start),int(end)
on a median basis and store information on the nodes etc

Assuming I get this to work some time, and I get back a list of intervals of
interest. I would like to use these intervals (str,int,int) to search in a
file that contains a fixed step range, where its int in that range is
associated with an int(value) (probably best format this file as a
dictionary=signaldict) to call all keys within range(interval) and plot

 I think it would be better to print these values in another array, so that
I can then say sum the values from all the intervals for each step in the
range (assuming I have exported a fixed length of keys from the signaldict)
and plot in a graph

 Well don't mean to have the problem solved for me, but if you fancy to
contribute with any kind of help you are welcome


PS I could maybe upload a couple of small example flies or a schematic to
see what I mean

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