[Tutor] Converting EBCDIC characters to ASCII

bob gailer bgailer at gmail.com
Thu Nov 13 19:36:21 CET 2008

Steve Bricker wrote:
> I see the scenario does not give enough to really allow someone to 
> formulate an answer.  

An excellent reminder to write no code until the user's requirements are 
fully understood!

OTOH a little rapid prototyping can be a fast path to discovery of 

> Allow me to clarify a bit.  The three PD fields are each 10 positions 
> in length.  Using the example below, a field with 
> X'0000000000000000014C' would need to be expanded to a 19-character 
> field of '0000000000000000014'.

So you are going to ignore the sign nibble?
Modify the code I wrote - ignore the sign; treat results as positive.
At the end add "%019i" % value

> Steve Bricker
> On Thu 13/11/08 10:14 , Steve Bricker bricker.steve at imonmail.com sent:
>     I am trying to build an application for work that FTPs a file from
>     an IBM mainframe to my Windows desktop then process it.  The
>     EBCDIC-to-ASCII conversion works nicely (using a BAT file I
>     created) except for three packed-decimal data fields (for example,
>     X'0000000000000000014C' is equal to integer 14).  I am assuming I
>     need to go through this byte-by-byte to convert.  Is that the best
>     approach, or is there a better way?
>     Steve Bricker
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