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> Some say that Python programs run better on DOS.  

What they mean is running python scripts within a 
command window (aka DOS box). (You can run 
Python under real 16 bit DOS but its slow and clunky, 
don't do it unless you really must!)

You can start a command window in Windows using Start->Run
and typing CMD in the dialog. That will open a window with a 
DOS prompt. You can then type

python myscript.py

> Is there any advantage to running .py on DOS?

Yes, you don't get any strange side effects from the IDE 
environment. Basically, whatever your program does in 
DOS is what it will do if you just double click it in 
Explorer - except you get to see any error messages etc.
So for debugging a program before its final form its usually 
best to run it under DOS. Once it works pefectly you can 
just double click on the script and it will automatically start 
under DOS.


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