[Tutor] [Re: class/type methods/functions]

Eike Welk eike.welk at gmx.net
Sun Nov 23 17:03:57 CET 2008

Hey Spir!

Maybe you should read the book "Design Patterns" from Erich Gamma and 
the rest of "the gang of four". (A.T.Hofkamp, mentioning its 
terminology, got me thinking.) You ask complicated questions that 
normal newbies don't ask, so you should maybe read an advanced book.

The book's idea is: There are certain problems in programming that 
appear frequently (called "design patterns" in the book). These 
problems can be categorized, and there exist well working solutions 
for these probelms. Additionally, when programmers adopt a common 
terminology for those problems, it will be more easy to talk about 
computer programs.

One of those patterns is "factory" which A.T mentioned.

Kind regards,

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