[Tutor] My horrible looking program needs improvement.

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On Mon, Nov 24, 2008 at 10:00 AM, Peter van der Does <peter at avirtualhome.com
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> I wrote my 1st Python program and it works as I want it to work but
> ,IMHO, it looks horrible.

Nothing to be ashamed of, unless you don't mind it looking horrible. The
fact that you want a clean program is a good sign!

> <snip>

> Why I think it looks horrible:
> Everything is in main(), I would like to use functions but ran into
> problems with the scope of my variables.
> The CLI arguments check is just a bunch of IF's

You would probably benefit from using a class then (especially if you have
worries about your "main" program looking clean).

You can create global class variables that each of the methods/functions
have access to with the self. - for instance

In [11]: class IP:
   ....:     address = ""
   ....:     def printAddress(self):
   ....:         print self.address

In [12]: x = IP()

In [13]: x.printAddress()

Then you just declare a new instance of your class (see In[12]) and you have
access to all its methods and variables;

In [15]: x.address = ""

In [16]: x.printAddress()

> Is this the place where somebody could go over my program and give
> some pointers on how to improve the structure or is there a forum out
> on the Net that can help me out.

I don't know about anyone else, but I suspect most people are at least as
busy as myself, but perfectly willing to help answer your questions, but I
doubt anyone has the time (even if they want) to re-write your program /for/
you, but we'll be glad to help if you get stuck on a problem (or even need
pointers on where else to look, if Google or your favourite search engine
fails to turn up any information)

Using a class should really help clean up your program and help eliminate
your scope problems. Here's a nifty little tutorial on python classes:

Give classes a try and see if helps. If you're still having issues or you
don't understand something, feel free to ask!

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