[Tutor] Leaving PHP for Python

Jason DeBord jasdebord at gmail.com
Tue Nov 25 13:43:43 CET 2008

Hello All,

This is my first message on the mailing list. I am excited to get started
developing content / backend for the web with Python.

I have a background in PHP, but am convinced that Python is a better, more
powerful language.

I am on a Windows XP machine and I have been using XAMPP for server, php,

I installed Python 2.5 and mod_python successfully. I can serve pages with
.py extension to http://localhost .

The following for example:

from mod_python import apache

def handler(req):
    req.write("Hello World!")
    return apache.OK

Frankly, I don't understand what is going on in the above. This is a bit
different compared to what I am used to.

So, my question, would you all please point me to some introductory
resources, tutorials, books, that focus on Python programming for the web? I
am eventually going to interface with some web services, notably Amazon Web
Services. Also, I'd like to write some server side scripts to serve as a
backend to some Adobe AIR apps.

Any and all advice is extremely appreciated.

Thanks for your time!


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