[Tutor] Hands-on beginner's project?

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Fri Oct 3 15:50:55 CEST 2008

On Fri, Oct 3, 2008 at 9:19 AM, David <david at abbottdavid.com> wrote:

> > Okay, I'm resurrecting this project.
> Where is this project code? <http://www.linuxcrazy.com>

Right here. The content is going to eventually go through some drastic
changes, but what's here should be good enough for testing.

# Content
# retrieve data for current room
room = 1
if room == 1:
    desc = "Ahead of you, you see a chasm."
    ques = "Do you wish to try jumping over it? Y/N"
    destYes = 2
    destNo = 3
elif room == 2:
    desc = "Ahead of you, you see a warty green ogre."
    ques = "Do you wish to eat it? Y/N"
    destYes = 4
    destNo = 5
# etc for the rest of the rooms

# Engine
# ask current question and move to next room
print desc
ans = raw_input(ques).upper() # allow for lower case input
if ans == "Y":
    room = destYes
elif ans == "N":
    room = destNo
elif ans == "north":
    room = destN
elif ans == "south":
    room = destS
elif ans == "east":
    room = destE
elif ans == "west":
    room = destW
elif ans == "Q": # give us a way out.
    print "I don't understand. Can you give a clearer answer?"

It seems like good code, but for some reason, it's not letting me go into
Room 2 (the ogre). I remember last time I tried this, the problem had
something to do with redirecting back into the same room, but I don't
remember exactly what that issue was.
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