[Tutor] some string operations

David ldl08 at gmx.net
Sat Oct 4 10:03:50 CEST 2008

Dear list,

one of the exercises in Zelle's book is:


import string
s1 = "spam"
s2 = "ni!"

show a Python expression that could construct the following result by 
performing string operations on s1 and s2:

"Spam Ni! Spam Ni! Spam Ni!".

I have two solutions:

(string.capitalize(s1) + " " + string.capitalize( s2) + "  " ) * 3

"%s %s " % (string.capitalize(s1), string.capitalize(s2)) * 3

Both seem to work, but they seem overly complex. Where could I improve?

Also, Python returns:

'Spam Ni! Spam Ni! Spam Ni! '

Which is not exactly "Spam Ni! Spam Ni! Spam Ni!" (note the final free 
space in my outcome). I am at a loss as to how to perfect my answer with 
regard to this issue.

Many thanks for helping me in my pythonic adventures!


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