[Tutor] bug in exam score conversion program

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Dragos Ionescu wrote:
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> Lots of good responses. And now for something completely different:
> import string
> x = string.maketrans('567891', 'FDCBAA')
> score = raw_input('score>')
> print "Your grade is:", score[0].translate(x)
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> Wow! Bob Gailer's solution is so elegant. Can someone plese explain what 
> is the algorithm behind  string.maketrans. More exactly, how is this 
> function doing the coding?

Actually, I don't think the point was to be elegant as much
as to get you thinking about something you might not have
explored--never hurts to keep learning new features so you
don't inefficiently apply the same old small set of things
to new problems.

You wouldn't *really* want to implement a production grade
system like that, cute though it is.  This is setting up a
translation table mapping the first character in the score
to a letter grade.  So a 9 is changed to an A.  The obvious
problem though is how it handles a score of, say, "1".  Or,
for that matter, "37".

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