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Anthony Smith gods_bud666 at hotmail.com
Mon Oct 6 05:27:39 CEST 2008

This is my first post - I will be brief...
One:  I have programmed before - but it has been DECADES...so just a few simple queries:
1.  A brief (but complete) description regarding the use of script editor (I will be using
     command prompt in Windows), as:
         a.  details about loading and saving programs (not in that order) and little
              specs about pathnames or other requirements (I will probably store all
              my little goodies in one folder or space).
      That should get me going ... a book and manual by my side should suffice for
       the rest - - - except for one thing:
2.  I have been unable to locate the gizmo in the literature to get ascii codes
    in python.  In the old days, it was a list of 256 (or so) characters that 
    represented all keyboard symbols (A equalled 36; B equalled 37; et cetera).
   To assign a value, you used "Let A$ = ASC (36)" where A$ was a variable
    and 36 was the ASCII value for 'A'.  I believe the reverse of this process
    was PRINT VAL(A$) or something.  I want to play with a program that will
   assign a number to a word (using a simple algorhythm that will give a
    specific number to every word).  Other stuff is pretty easy to find with
    the book and on-line literature.  I will need to get an ascii code out of
     a string (whose content is not known to the programmer, as raw_input).
    Then to assign, I will need the actual list with assigned numbers.
You will be giving me probably the only boost I will need!  I will be available later on,
if I want to take part in the ask/answer system here.
Thanks a lot,
8:27 pm PST October 4th, 2008
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