[Tutor] Batch searches on Googlescholar

Srinivas Iyyer srini_iyyer_bio at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 8 00:42:41 CEST 2008

Dear Tutors, 
This might ben off track question, but I am asking to seek help from experts here. 

I have a list of (n = 240) research publications (Biology and medicine). I have title, journal name and PubMedID. 

my aim is to identify how many times each publication got cited on google Scholar. 
since Googlescholars indexing is different from that of ISI, we have difference in number of citations. GS has more when compared to ISI. It would be nice If I can have both. 

I asked ISI web of knowledge and they do not seem to have batch extraction tools and I did not find any url hooks ( cgi) to automate and parse HTML. 

Any suggestions/ ideas please on Google Scholar. 

Thank you. 


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