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> Dear Tutors,
> This might ben off track question, but I am asking to seek help from
> experts here.
> I have a list of (n = 240) research publications (Biology and medicine). I
> have title, journal name and PubMedID.
> my aim is to identify how many times each publication got cited on google
> Scholar.
> since Googlescholars indexing is different from that of ISI, we have
> difference in number of citations. GS has more when compared to ISI. It
> would be nice If I can have both.
> I asked ISI web of knowledge and they do not seem to have batch extraction
> tools and I did not find any url hooks ( cgi) to automate and parse HTML.

You can use the urllib builtin module and beautiful soup for parsing HTML. I
don't know if the Googlescholars page allows python connections, I know
regular google queries do not (they frown on web scraping, AFAIK)

that's about as specific as you'll probably get without a more explicit


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