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My name is Tanya and i am new to python programmin. I have few questions which hopefully will clear my doubts.

	* First question, we are given a list
L = [ 345 , 32525 , 525 , 53245 , 6536 ]
how would i add them? like in this form - 3+4+5+3+2+5+.....
	* 2nd Question, we are givin a list
L = [-----++++--+--329234]
how would i tell python to use algebra basics here???
	* 3rd Question
how do we assign alphabets to numbers
for example - if we divide 200 by 16, we get quotient as 12 and remainder as 8. 12 equals to C. so the answer should display C8
Thank you. Your help would be really appreciated!
Thanks once again for taking out your time to read it..

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