[Tutor] school physics/math courses

Ken Oliver ksterling at mindspring.com
Thu Oct 16 15:10:32 CEST 2008

For a starting place, you may want to look at "Mathematics for the Digital Age and Programming in Python" by Maria and Gary Litvin.  ISBN 978-0-9727055-8-5

Both authors are very helpful and often contribute to math and CS electronic discussion groups. Communications possible through information below:

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>Subject: [Tutor] school physics/math courses
>(i am rather new in python ...)
>i am about to start a course of physics and math for students aged
>14-17 (high school)
>and i am deeply interested in the possibilty of teaching fundamental
>concepts of these subjects via teaching programming;
>i chose python (i won't change my mind ...)
>so i am looking for resources on how to deal with these topics via
>this great programming language;
>i need some help from you and moreover if you are aware of books
>already covering these need
>thank you in advance
>OS: GNU/Linux, Debian
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