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Tue Oct 21 03:01:17 CEST 2008

Brummert_Brandon wrote:
> Hello.  I am working with python for computer science this semester.  I am having a difficult time on one of my lab assignments.  It is in the python programming book in chapter 7 under decision structures.  I am being asked to write a program in that accepts a date in the form month/date/year and outputs whether the date is valid.  For example, 5/24/1962 is valid but 9/31/2000 is not because September only has 30 days.  
"the python programming book"? There are a lot of these. Which one do 
you refer to?

Regarding homework - we can offer specific help, when we see your 
efforts and where you are stuck. Have you written any Python code for 
this assignment? Or any program design?

Do you know how to do input and output? How to split a string? How to 
convert characters to numbers? How to compare numbers? How to create and 
use lists of numbers? Those are the skills you need for this problem. 
Give it a stab and report back and let's see what happens.

Bob Gailer
Chapel Hill NC 

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