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Tue Oct 21 23:18:23 CEST 2008

> Perhaps someone else will help you. I won't offer anything more until 
you respond to a lot more of my questions and comments.

Read what Bob has written back to you and try it or ask questions related 
to it if you don't understand something he said.

> AND PLEASE reply to tutor at python.org as well as whoever responds to you.
> Brummert_Brandon wrote: 
> here is the one that I am still stuck on.  not much has changed since 
last time.
> def main():
>     currentdate= input ("What is the date (mm/dd/yyyy)?:")

Try printing out the value of currentdate here and see what you get. Bob 
has mentioned that you may have some issues with your result and gave a 
suggestion on how to fix it.  It has also been mentioned several times in 
other current threads on the list, since it is a common point of 

Also, one of the nice things about Python is you can use the interactive 
interpreter to see what you would get as a response to your code.
Try starting up Python and just typing in the line:
input ("Type something here:")

and then enter a date.

What do you get as an answer?
Is it what you expected?

try is again with typing different things in and see what answers you get.

What is different between what the user is typing in this program and your 
previous program and what you are doing with that input?

Once you get past this point we can address the rest of the program. 

The people on the list are very happy to help but will not do the work for 
you.  You need to read what the responses are and work with the tutors.

hope that helps get you started,

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