[Tutor] Read same instance twice

Øyvind python at kapitalisten.no
Mon Oct 27 21:03:19 CET 2008


I am trying to gather some information from a webpage:

side = urlopen("http://www.website.no")
rawstr = r"""spy.target="_top">(.*?)$"""
rawstr2 = r"""spy.target2="_top">(.*?)$"""

compile_obj = re.compile(rawstr,  re.IGNORECASE| re.MULTILINE| re.VERBOSE
compile_obj2 = re.compile(rawstr2,  re.IGNORECASE| re.MULTILINE|

liste = self.compile_obj.findall(side.read())

liste = self.compile_obj2.findall(side.read())

It works like a dream getting the first info, but the second doesn't work.
The instance is empty.

I have tried
side2 = side
side2 = side[:]
side2 = deepcopy(side)
side2 = copy(side)
and even side2 = cStringIO.StringIO(side)

But nothing works.

How can I easiest pick up more information from the site without opening
it more than once?


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