[Tutor] PySQLite vs SQLalchemy

Jeff Younker jeff at drinktomi.com
Sat Sep 13 01:42:12 CEST 2008

On Sep 12, 2008, at 3:30 PM, Patrick wrote:

> I like SQLite, it's really easy to work with. I would like to model my
> database in it natively but I am having quite a bit of trouble mapping
> the variables in the SQLIte database via PySQLite. It appears that  
> this
> sort of thing is SQLalchemy's strong suit. However I would prefer  
> not to
> model my data base in it.

I'm curious why you feel that way?

> So, I am just wondering if anyone has any feedback with regard to
> PySQLite and SQLalchemy. Is mapping the variables from the a database
> via PySQLite a common problem? Is SQLalchemy being used for desktop
> Applications? I bought a book on SQLalchemy but PySQLite seems to have
> sparse documentation. We can build Python with SQLite built right in,
> why is there not more documentation?

I personally have never even considered PySQLite.  SQLAlchemy and
SQLObject have covered all my needs from the small to the large quite
handily.  It saves me from having to resort to learning a new interface
for each database, and it largely insulates my applications from changes
in the underlaying database.

[This isn't an academic possibility either.  Much of my code is unit- 
against sqlite, but runs against mysql in production.]


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