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On Fri, Sep 12, 2008 at 5:59 PM, Wayne Watson
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> Interesting. I've been quite surprised that some community college in the
> Bay Area hasn't offered Python recently. However, I'm long gone from there.
> Sacramento, Davis, Rocklin, anyone? Haven't even seen any in UC extension
> classes. I'm going to be near there early next week. Maybe I'll drop in to
> see what books are going to be used.


my Python courses are a *little* closer to you, in san francisco (as
opposed to los altos hills).  if i field significant interest in
holding a course up there or in the nevada foothills, i'd be glad to
do so.

i sometimes teach the intermediate course that comes after elaine's at
Foothill so i'm somewhat familiar with her's... the last time i
checked, the course textbook they use is "Core Python Programming"
(see link below).  :-)

-- wesley

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