[Tutor] PySQLite vs SQLalchemy

Patrick optomatic at rogers.com
Sat Sep 13 14:58:50 CEST 2008

Thanks Alan, Jeff and John!

I am have been so impressed with the responses and response times I get
from this list. I wish I could compensate you for your time(I'm broke at
the moment), you just can't buy this "customer service" anywhere else.
Hopefully when I am further along I can "man the fort" and help others
too. I registered pythonwebprogramming.org, I hope to post tutorials
here someday. I have had a bit of a rough go with it, hopefully I can
help others later when I know what I am doing.

Hey Jeff
" I would prefer not to model my data base in it."
> I'm curious why you feel that way?

I guess I might still end up doing so, it's just that SQLite was
immediately intuitive to me. Thanks for your SQLAlchemy feedback!

Hi John

"Have you taken a look at pylons? "
Yes, Pylons, CherryPy, Mod_Python, Django, Turbogears, Werkzeug and
WebPy. I know I am a small minority but frameworks are really counter to
my philosophy. I am a beginner, you would think that a beginner should
start as small and as simple as possible and then work their way up as
their knowledge improves. It seems to me that frameworks are just the
opposite. A beginner needs to start with a bunch of directories they
know nothing about and the easier the framework the more directories
there seems to be.

However this is not to say that this was not a good tip, I can see how
valuable Pylons could be to someone, I'll probably end up with it in the
end, thanks!

Hey Alan

"If you know SQL then you should be able to use the DB API
without any problems. What are the specific issues you are having?"

Thanks for your feedback, tips and your tutorial. I can see how much
documentation the DB API has now. The troubles I was running into were
from my poor understanding of this. Now that I have more documentation I
will be just fine.


It does!, thanks

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