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> When <variable> = raw_input ( " please enter a number " )
> <variable> = int  (<variable>) is run as part of a python script It should
> take in the user stored input and store it as an integer. Am I correct. The
> string represented by <variable> in memory is now represented by 5 for
> example?
> If this is correct why do I get an error regarding the division of two
> strings if i type print " < variable> " / < variable>

well if you have something like this:

miles = int("5")
gallons = 1
print "miles"/gallon

the " " around miles turns miles into a string. And you just can't do that.
Here's a proper example of an mpg calculator:

def mpg():
    miles = int( raw_input("Miles driven: "))
    gallons = int( raw_input("Gallons used: "))
    print "Your Miles Per Gallon: ", miles/gallons

although converting them to float would allow you a little more accuracy in
your measurements. But if you're just looking at whole number values, that
should be fine.

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