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Alan Gauld alan.gauld at btinternet.com
Sat Sep 27 21:27:56 CEST 2008

<cuciferus at gmail.com> wrote

Sorry but I'm confused.

> I made a little script to whom I wish to pass some pasted(with 
> middle
> click(x11 style)) multi-row text. But if I pass say 99 rows it 
> crashes with no
> error it exits to bash. Any ideas why?

Do you mean you are trying to paste a long piece of text into the
raw_input prompt?

Otherwise I'm not sure what the code below has to do with anything?

> from sys import exit

you don;t use exit...

> a=0
> while True:

This will loop forever (or until an error) since you have no break

>    s=raw_input()
>    a+=1
>    if s=="finish":
>        print "you have  ",  ((a-1)/5), " questions left"

You might be wanting to use the % mod operator here instead
of division? Otherwise it will always report a low value. And 'a'
records how many responses have been given not how many
questions are left.

>        print "in", ((a-1)/100), " pages"

Similarly a has nothing to do with pages... It looks like you
need more variables, or something!

>        a=0

This does't make much sense to me either.

But mostly I'm confused about what exactly you are doing with
the paste and when.

Assuming it is at the raw_input stage you could try printing
s just to see what was read. That way when it exists you
should still see what was last input.


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