[Tutor] python regex help

Arun Tomar tomar.arun at gmail.com
Sun Sep 28 16:46:14 CEST 2008


i've data extracted in the form of list using regex.
it looks something like the one below. 
print reobj
['Jyoti Soni - 0 Year(s) 0 Month(s)\n', 'Tel: 09975610476(M)\n', '\n',
'Minal - 0 Year(s) 0 Month(s)\n', 'Tel: 9890498376(M)\n', '011 02162
i'm trying to use regex to remove the following information
1. - 0 Years *
2. Tel: & (M)
3. (R)
 & store the remaining portion as a new list.

I've been using shell scripting & using sed & pipes i've solved it, but
with python, i need to practice more ;).


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