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Mon Sep 29 01:36:07 CEST 2008

Hello all. 

I recently starting taking Python in my state college. I joined the Python.org users group and I posted a couple of codes examples that I was having problems with, and I am wondering if there is anyone in this community that can help me. I did get some great advice on my previous posts however my code is still not working. I have two problems that I have to write code for. 

The first problem is a program that will take a list of ten grades from a user and then calculate the average of the ten numbers entered. The user can only use the numbers 1-10. Example. "The total average of the grades you entered in was 5" which would be the average using number 1-10 in a sequence, but it needs to calculate an average no matter if the user puts in 3 "5's" and 7 "10's". The average must be calculated. 

I did get some help in the python forums with this and I have come up the following, but I am getting a syntax error on the line that calls out "total" as a variable. Here is the code:

value = [ ]

for i in range(10):
    range += 1
    print (int(float(raw_input("Please enter a grade, use numbers 1 - 10: ")))       
# getting a syntax error on this line    
total = sum(value)

average = total/10.0    
print "The average sum of all of the grades that you entered is ", ("%.2f" %  average)

raw_input("\nPlease hit enter to quit.")

///The code does not work. 

The next problem is supposed to use the while loop. A user is supposed to enter some grade values. The user will continue to be prompted to enter grade values until the user has entered in "9999" as  a grade value. Then the program is supposed to calculate the average of all of the grades entered including the 9999. 

Here is my code, This code is not working either:

target = 9999

value = [ ]

while i in value < or not == target:
      i += 1
      print grade (int(float(raw_input("Please enter a grade: ")))
total = sum(value)

average = total/target

print "The average grade that you entered is ", ("%.2f" % average)
raw_input("Please hit enter to exit.")

///Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong on either of these problems? I know it is a logic error, but I am new to this so please bare with me. Again, thanks for your help. I am new to this forum so please have patience with me when I am posting. 

Thank you, 

Thomas Mundahl

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