[Tutor] Append a dictionary value

David david at abbottdavid.com
Sat Apr 4 23:17:56 CEST 2009

I put together a todo program here;

And I am trying to add an option to edit the values which are date and 
time. Below I have gotten this far but now I need some help. looks like 
my attempt to use setdefault will not work. Please point me in the right 
direction my head has started to hurt :)

import time
import datetime
todo = {'Study Python':
         (datetime.date(2009, 4, 1), datetime.time(12, 15)),
         'Clean House':
         (datetime.date(2009, 4, 4), datetime.time(15, 15)),
         'Fix Python Code':
         (datetime.date(2009, 3, 29), datetime.time(9, 1))}

for k, v in todo.iteritems():
     print k, v[0],v[1]

answer = raw_input('\nWhich Todo do you want to edit? \nEnter >> ')
for k, v in todo.iteritems():
     key = todo[answer]
     current_date = key[0]
     print 'Current Date and Time for', answer,'\n'
     print 'Date: =', current_date
     current_time = key[1]
     print 'Time: =', current_time
     print """

Enter D: Edit Date
Enter T: Edit Time
     new_value = raw_input('\nWhich value do you want to edit? ')
     new_value = new_value.lower()
     if new_value == 'd':
         print 'Next, enter date for Todo: '
         curr_date = time.strftime('%Y %m %d', time.gmtime())
         print 'Format as ', curr_date
         yr = int(raw_input('\nEnter Year: '))
         mt = int(raw_input('Enter Month: '))
         dy = int(raw_input('Enter Day: '))
         datevalue = datetime.date(yr, mt, dy)
         todo[answer] = datevalue, time
     elif new_value == 't':
         hr = int(raw_input('\nEnter Hour (24h): '))
         mn = int(raw_input('Enter Minute (01-59): '))
         sec = 0
         hourvalue = datetime.time(hr, mn, sec)
         todo[answer] = date, hourvalue
         print 'big time error'

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