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> Hi all,
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> Now since I've got the learning python book I first did a quick read trough
> it and now I'm going more slowly trough it and doing all the explained
> things (in the interactive prompt). I do understand the basics behind OOP
> and I'm wanting to start some smaller projects using the book as a reference
> to get my hands on python. It seems to me that it's better to learn it with
> smaller projects (and evolving with those).

That's probably a fairly good idea... I would guess that most of us learned
the same way, or at least in similar ways.

> But I really don't know what smaller projects would be good to start on as
> beginner. I've got some ideas but those are more advanced (making a mpd
> client, some website ideas).
> I hope you can give me some starting projects to learn python :).

Well, what do you enjoy? That's really probably the best way to program -
when you program things you enjoy you tend to be more likely to stick with

Do you like games? Maybe you could program a tic-tac-toe game. Or a guessing
game. Do you like math? Perhaps you could write programs that will do
certain math functions for you (Like the Fibonacci series, computing area,
maybe even doing some calculus).

Do you like drawing pictures? If you use Tkinter or the turtle module you
could write some programs to do that. Maybe you could try writing your name,
first in block, then in script (actually the script would end out rather
complicated, but certainly fun[if that's what you enjoy]!)

 And of course, if you get stuck anywhere and need some help, we're always
willing to help point you in the right direction.

Good luck!
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