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> 1. Python is not Java

although i agree with all 4 points that paul makes, this 1st one
stands out the most. when i saw the code the first time, the immediate
thought that came to my mind was, "This looks like Java code written
with Python syntax." i thing the same functionality can be
accomplished using half or a third of the total # of lines of code
originally presented.

> 2. SQLExporter does not use recommended form for substituting values into an
SQL statement.

yes, in addition to the "preferred" feeling, it will also help
mitigate SQL injection attacks. this code looks like Java + JS.
creating strings with few operations helps with performance too, as

> 3. The Pythonic way to create a comma-separated string of values from a list
of strings is:  ','.join(value_list).
>        :
> 4. While I am not a slave to PEP8, your mixed case method names with leading
capitals look too much like class names and/or .Net method names.

also agreed. i think it's a common style guideline in multiple
languages i'm familiar with (other than Python) to Capitalize class
names but keep variables, functions, and methods all lowered.

well, the OP was right... it has indeed led to some discussion on the list!

-- wesley
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