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johnf jfabiani at yolo.com
Tue Apr 21 20:43:30 CEST 2009

On Tuesday 21 April 2009 11:05:32 am Dinesh B Vadhia wrote:
> Hi Robert
> I don't have an answer but can have my sympathy.  I've been looking for a
> quality pdf to text convertor for months and not turned up anything useful.
>  I've tried many free programs which are poor.  I too wanted a Python-only
> solution and tried pyPdf but that didn't work.  Just today I download a
> trial version of a so called top-notch converter and it produced unfaithful
> text.   Not sure what the answer is!
> Dinesh
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> Hello Emad,
> I have seriously looked at the documentation associated with pyPDF. This
> seems to have the page as its smallest element of work, and what i need
> is a line by line process to go from .PDF format to Text. I don't think
> pyPDF will meet my needs but thank you for bringing it to my attention.
> Thanks,
> Robert Berman

Have you tried going from a PDF to PS and then to text?

John Fabiani

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