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Dinesh B Vadhia dineshbvadhia at hotmail.com
Wed Apr 22 12:27:55 CEST 2009

The best converter so far is pdftotext from http://www.glyphandcog.com/ who maintain an open source project at http://www.foolabs.com/xpdf/.

It's not a Python library but you can call pdftotext from with Python using os.system().  I used the pdftotext -layout option and that gave the best result.  hth.



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From: Robert Berman <bermanrl at cfl.rr.com>
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First, thanks to everyone who contributed to this thread. I have a 
number of possible solutions and a number of paths to pursue to 
determine which avenue I should take to resolve this remaining issue. I 
did try the itools library and while everything installed nicely, most 
of the tests failed so I am not particularly overjoyed with the results.

Thank you Dinesh for the vote of sympathy. I do appreciate it.

I did use Adobe Reader to convert the history PDF file into a text file 
and it did seem to do it faithfully. So now I will work out a parsing 
function to extract my data and send it to a SQLLITE database.

I am thrilled both with the number of suggestions I have received from 
this group and the quality of the suggestions.

Thanks again,

Robert Berman

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