[Tutor] How many types of the constructor

Noufal Ibrahim noufal at nibrahim.net.in
Mon Apr 27 19:23:24 CEST 2009

Greetings Sudanshu,

sudhanshu gautam wrote:
> when we work on the oops in the python then we have to pass the first 
> parameter as a self then the value of the other parameters .

Well, not explicitly. If you're familiar with OOPS in C++, self is 
analogous to the "this" pointer there. Also, you needn't call it self.

Writing something like

class A(object):
   def __init__(me, name):
      me.name = name
      print "The name is %s"%me.name

will work fine as well.

The actual identifier 'self' is just a convention.

> for example:
> class Student:
> def __init__(self,name):
> self.name <http://self.name>=name
> print 'The name is',self.name <http://self.name>
> a=student('sudhanshu')
> a is an object of the student class
> so __init__ is a constructor in which we do not need to call the 
> function separately .

__init__ is not *a* constructor as much as it is *the* constructor 
method. It is one of the many class methods that have special meanings.
If you want the entire list, try 

> Now If I placed the name of the constructor rather than the __init__
> __baba___ so will it also work as a constructor or constructor has 
> specified already if yes then give me list of them

__baba__ is not a special function so it will have no special 
significance. It is treated as any other class method.

I believe the URL above has what you're looking for.



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