[Tutor] x is a global variable

Dave Angel davea at ieee.org
Tue Dec 1 02:04:10 CET 2009

spir wrote:
> Hello Eike!
> Eike Welk <eike.welk at gmx.net> dixit:
> <snip>
> Well, this is certainly not specific to closures.
> i = 0
> def f():
>   i = i+1
>   print i
> f()
> ==> UnboundLocalError
> Imo, in this case, "i = i+1" is a kind of "paradoxal injonction" (lol! not sure of the exact idiom in english). You tell python both to create a local i (thus ignore any other scope to lookup for variables called 'i') and to use global i to define the local one.
> If I were the victim of such a "paradoxal injonction" I would reply with a naughty word!
I believe the easiest model to understand the behavior is:

The compiler scans the entire function to find which variables are 
assigned (via =, as, or other syntax) anywhere in the function.  Then 
for those variables, all references are done without any dictionary 
accesses.  Thus an assignment anywhere (not just on the same line) cause 
all references to be to the (unbound) local.


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