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> We have Python applications for work with testing reports printed to PDF
> files.  Don't know if you have that needed.
> Steve Bricker
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> On Thu 09/12/03 11:46 , skrabbit at comcast.net sent:
> My dept at work is reviewing all the different programming languages
> that we use and Python is kind of on the chopping block because I'm
> the only one using it so far. Basically, it would mean that no new
> development would be done in Python.
> What I need to do is show that Python is a good tool and it should be
> in our toolbox. The other language that would be used instead of
> Python is Perl. Perl is currently used more in our dept. I can't say
> I'm a big fan of Perl, but I'll use if I have to. I'd prefer to use
> Python.
> Here's some of the reason's I think we should still use Python, and
> maybe I could get some other reasons from you guys. Note: We primarily
> use Perl and Python for web application development, but it also used
> on servers too.
> - Clean easy to read syntax
> - Easy to learn
> - Object Oriented as needed
> - Large community
> - Multi-platform
> - Fits in your head
> - Batteries included
> - Large library(Cheese Shop)
> Anything else?
> Mike
> I'm in the CG\Game industry, and two of the top DCC apps, Autodesk Maya and
Autodesk XSI implement Python as internal scripting languages.   In
addition, the OpenSource 3D software Blender uses Python as it's scripting
language of choice.  May be an unrelated field, but possibly some ammunition
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