[Tutor] saving output data in a file

Alan Gauld alan.gauld at btinternet.com
Fri Dec 4 10:14:49 CET 2009

"Prasad Mehendale" <prachit915 at gmail.com> wrote

>I am a beginner. I want to save the output data of the following programme 
> a file through the programme.

The easiest way is to use file redirection at run-time

$ python foo.py > results.txt

This will work on Linux/MacOS/Windows

The alternatives are
1) open a file in your program and replace all of the print statements
with write() functions

2) Use the file output trick with print

resultFile = open('results.txt',w)
print >>resultFile 'my output string'

You can find out more about file handling in the Handling Files topic of
my tutorial ...

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