[Tutor] functions--how long is too long?

Alan Gauld alan.gauld at btinternet.com
Tue Dec 8 12:43:54 CET 2009

"Lie Ryan" <lie.1296 at gmail.com> wrote
>> editor screen (or sheet of printout) - when I started that meant
>> 25-60 lines was the range, now you can go up to 60-100 lines if needs 
>> be...
> I disagree. I keep my text editor not maximized so I can have multiple 
> editors open (or multiple splits when using (g)vim); a 100-lines function 
> would take the all the screen and doesn't fit in one window.

Personally I tend to have about 35-40 lines available in my editor,
but "if needs be" - which is what I said, an exceptional case, not normal - 
can get >100 lines on screen(*) using a small font. Which means I can at a
pinch see a full 100 line function on screen. I don't recommend it, but it
can be done!

(*)Using a 24inch monitor set to 1600x1200 resolution

> While you should not refactor just for the sake of keeping line-counts, 
> perhaps you should try the small editor approach. Keep your editor 
> unmaximized, for around 20 lines, around half a screen.

Hmm, I spent the first 10 years of my programming life using VT100 
with 24 lines max(*), I really don't want to go back there thanks!  :-)

(*)Actually I'm amazed how many Linux users with X Windows still bring
up the default sized console/xterm with 24 lines. One of the first things I 
on any new Linux install is set the xdefaults for xterm to 40 lines! (And
change the colours!)

Alan Gauld
Author of the Learn to Program web site

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