[Tutor] What books do you recommend?

Serdar Tumgoren zstumgoren at gmail.com
Wed Dec 9 18:02:38 CET 2009

> I wan't to buy some books about python 3. Do you have any recommendations?
> I started with no previous programming experience, and I've finished a few
> tutorials  and I guess I can be considered a beginner.

> My problem, though, is I still find it difficult to write meaningful code or
> use the built in libraries effectively and/or correctly because I can't find
> example code to mimic. I tried sifting through ActiveState recipes page, but
> most of the code seems uninteresting or useful only if utilized in a bigger
> project.

You might want to check out the 2nd Edition of Beginning Python,
published in Sept. 2008.

It includes the standard coverage of core Python syntax with a forward
look at core Python 3 features (it was forward at the time). It also
contains a number of project chapters at the end that span everything
from text processing, to GUI building to network programming. They're
not industrial strength apps, but I'd say a level above the typical
toy examples.


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