[Tutor] What books do you recommend?

Jeff Johnson jeff at dcsoftware.com
Fri Dec 11 15:02:43 CET 2009

Becky Mcquilling wrote:
> Thanks, Alan.  It is fun and on many levels I welcome the challenge.  
> I won't continue to divert this thread from good books, but I will 
> continue to look for more and more tutorials and will post it  The more 
> the more merrier...
> Becky 

I read through all the posts to make sure someone didn't already 
recommend this, but The Python Phrasebook is a great one.  It has 
working code for a whole bunch of things like sending emails and reading 
websites just to name two.  You can type them in and run them.  It 
allowed me to quickly learn and appreciate Python.


I am not suggesting Amazon, it was just the first link I found.  I see 
it in bookstores like Borders.


Jeff Johnson
jeff at dcsoftware.com
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