[Tutor] Field/Variable References

Dave Angel davea at ieee.org
Sat Dec 19 03:35:00 CET 2009

John Filben wrote:
> Can someone please let me know how to read a file one record at a time (just say fixed block for now - see small example below) and assign columns to fields.  Then reference the field names with if-then-else logic.
> Sample Fixed Block File:
> John98762
> John82634
> John11234
> Thank you.
>  John Filben
> Cell Phone - 773.401.2822
> Email - johnfilben at yahoo.com 
The other responses all seem to assume that you have linefeeds between 
records.  But you said it was fixed-block, which implies no linefeeds.

Anyway, to fetch those blocks, use  the file.read() method, where you 
can give the fixed size.  You can separate the blocks with slicing, or 
you can do something trickier.


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