[Tutor] Python - Data Mining?

Alan Gauld alan.gauld at btinternet.com
Sun Jan 4 22:45:43 CET 2009

"Nick Scholtes" <airchia at gmail.com> wrote

> mind. For instance, I work with some groups that rescue homeless 
> animals. It
> would be wonderful if I could compile a thorough database, then mine 
> the
> data and create graphs to troubleshoot issues. As an example, we 
> might find
> that more homeless animals show up in "x" location, or at "xyz" time 
> of
> year. This could help in re-focuses efforts more efficiently.

While I'm a big fan of Python and its powers I'm also a big fan of 
the right tool for the job. I'd start with a spereadsheet, possibly 
with a
database back end. Excel or OpenOffice would be adequate for that kind
of data mining and graphing.

Python would be more suited (IMHO) for more complex searches where
you aren't able to simply filter or aggregate values.

Just a thought,

Alan G. 

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