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> (And if it is any comfort to you, it happens to me too. I have read several 
> discussions about the "@" operator, and still don't understand why you'd want 
> to have it. No doubt it is a fantastic operator with many uses, but 
> apparently, not for me.)

There may be a question of personal programmer style, and a question of personal history as
I know people for whom OO is weird, useless, and... abstract (which is very true imo -- and
even: the better you use it, the more abstract it is). There have learnt without it. When they must
use it, e.g. for linking to modules, it's painful.
I have learnt without OO (C,pascal) but it seems to fits my brain's "Weltanschauung" (way of
watching the world?), as to say my style. But I had hard time with it a start, especially because
of the high inconstency of all the various systems that wish to be called OO, and the inconstency
of the OO lexicon.
About @, it seems not to be style at all, as for you. Ditto for meta-classes (the few I have tried
lead me to endless MRO problems).

> Sincerely,
> Albert
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