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Wed Jan 7 04:18:12 CET 2009

Hello everyone,

I'd like to prompt the user for input and get back multiple lines, for example if someone wanted to enter a few paragraphs. Then I'd like to be able to print their input out and preserve formatting. Here's what I have so far:

control = True
user_input = []
while control:
    if not user_input:
        entry = raw_input("Enter text, 'done' on its own line to quit: \n")
        entry = raw_input("")
        if entry == "done":
            del user_input[-1]
            control = False
user_input = ' '.join(user_input)
print user_input

So you end up with:

Enter text, 'done' on its own line to quit: 
I am some text.
And I am more.

I am a new paragraph.
I am some text. And I am more.  I am a new paragraph.

1) Is there a more elegant/common way to get multi-line user input than this sort of thing?
2) How can I combine and print the output so that paragraphs and the like are preserved?


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