[Tutor] df type function in python

Roel Schroeven rschroev_nospam_ml at fastmail.fm
Wed Jan 7 20:51:02 CET 2009

Spencer Parker schreef:
> I am looking for a function in python that would operate similar to df. 
> I would use df, but I am unable to parse the data that it gives me from
> there.  If it would give me a single line I could then split it out if I
> needed to, but I can't see how to actually do that.  What I am trying to
> do is get some information on a drive I have mounted.  I have a disk
> image that I have mounted on temp folder that I need to see how much
> total pace it is taking up.  It gives me a more accurate representation
> of my xen disk images that just an ls -sk or something on the file.

Some time ago I wrote something like that for a script of mine:

import subprocess

def df(filesystem):
    """Report disk usage.
    Return a dictionary with total, used, available. Sizes are reported
    in blocks of 1024 bytes."""
    output = subprocess.Popen(
        ['/bin/df', '-B 1024', filesystem],
    lines = output.split('\n')
    fs, blocks_total, blocks_used, blocks_available, used, mount =
    blocks_total = int(blocks_total)
    blocks_used = int(blocks_used)
    blocks_available = int(blocks_available)
    return dict(

I use from a cronjob in a script that monitors the disk usage and sends
me a mail if the disk gets too full.

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