[Tutor] Deleting recursive folder definition

Alan Gauld alan.gauld at freenet.co.uk
Mon Jan 12 20:07:23 CET 2009

I've managed to do something incredibly stupid on my XP box.
I've created a folder that is a link to itself - at least I think 
that's what has
happened, it was a CASE tool that I was using that actually did the 

The symptoms are that I can "infinitely" navigate down to the next 
I can also delete as many folders as I like but the top level 
still report 232 folders... Also I get error messages on the defective
folder saying the filename(ie path) is too long.

I've tried using Cygwin rm, I've tried renaming the folder to a 
name., I've tried using the DOS DEL command.

My last resort is to try to write a program to do it, but how?
Does anyone know enough about Windows filesystem (NTFS) to know
which API calls etc I would need? Or is there a better solution?
I'm not even sure this approach will work since it will just recurse
to inifinity too I suspect!

The MSDN and Knowledge Base don't seem to offer any advice either...

Any ideas?

Alan G. 

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