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Willi Richert w.richert at gmx.net
Wed Jan 14 21:19:11 CET 2009


do you observe the same behavior with traceback.format_exc()? I've used that 
always in such situations which worked all the time.


Am Mittwoch, 14. Januar 2009 18:09:51 schrieb spir:
> Hello,
> I rather often use exceptions as information providers at design or debug
> time. A typical use of mine is to have a test version of methods that wrap
> standard version:
> def run():
> 	do stuff
> 	that may
> 	raise exc
> def testRun():
>  	try:
> 		run()
> 	except Error,error:
> 		sys.error.write(str(error))
> So that I can run a bunch of (possibly failing) tests and still get all
> worthful info. Now, the drawback is that I then lose python provided
> traceback, as for any reason str(exc) does not return tracback, only the
> "message". To have the traceback I planned to catch the traceback manually.
> The aims whare:
> * be able to output the tracback prepended to the message, when useful
> * try to find a more readable (for me) format
> * filter it: e.g. print only last trace mark of each module
> If you have ideas on the best way to do this, thanks.
> I tried to use sys.exc_info() that returns a (type,value,traceback) tuple
> and the format_tb() function of the traceback module. *Sometimes* I get the
> traceback as expected and all is fine. But in most cases sys.exc_info()
> returns (None,None,None) like if there was absolutely no active exception.
> I cannot consistently reproduce the issue to make a clear diagnosis.
> Thank you,
> Denis
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